Why the Live Events Industry Needs Advocacy

Episode 10 September 26, 2022 00:39:15
Why the Live Events Industry Needs Advocacy
Corralling the Chaos
Why the Live Events Industry Needs Advocacy

Hosted By

Angela Alea

Show Notes

The impact of the pandemic was devastating to a wide variety of businesses in 2020, but the live events industry and those we partner with were some of the hardest hit. Yet because of the behind the scenes nature of our businesses, many people, including those in the government were unaware of our plight.


In today’s episode we speak with Nancy Shaffer and Dwayne Thomas of the Live Events Coalition, a non profit organization speaking out and advocating on behalf of the live events industry, about what they’ve been doing for the last 2 years to bring awareness to the difficulties that our industry faces.


Topics Covered:

  1. Why The Live Events Industry is Invisible
  2. The Reality of Covid Losses
  3. What Advocacy Looks Like
  4. Preparing for the Next Big Thing


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